Frequently asked questions about the power of New-Gen Biotics.

Increased protection from indoor irritants floating in the air and that reside on surface. Effective and long-lasting residual cleaning of inorganic matters in the air and on surfaces. Bad odor control and management via continuous probiotic misting.

100% Natural, chemical-free & environmentally friendly!

How Do Air Purifiers Actually Clean and how well?

Educate yourself when making an Air Purification decision

We’ve added this helpful air purifier / air cleaner information & links section below for your own personal knowledge and to help you in the decision making process of finding the best possible air purification solution to meet your needs.

Selecting the right air purifier / air cleaner for your home  or  business does not need to be a difficult task. Take the following information into consideration when deciding on an air purification solution.

1.  Why are Air Purifiers needed?

Air purifiers have become very widespread over the years due to several factors. Over the last 20 years the number of people with asthma has increased 100 times. It is also estimated that now 1 out of every 3 adults and children have either asthma or allergies. Why is this? Why has the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) declared indoor air quality as the nation’s  worst environmental health problem? Why did The American College of Allergies recently announce that 50% of all illness is aggravated or caused by polluted indoor air?

The main reason is the insulation of homes and offices in response to the energy crisis in the 1970s. To save on energy costs, and for other reasons, indoor spaces are now tightly insulated. These air-tight, energy-efficient indoor spaces are perfect for trapping in all kinds of pollutants and particles.

Our respiratory tracts struggle daily against the contaminants that are in the air. Poor air quality causes headaches, digestive problems, fatigue, restlessness, congestion, and many other health problems. This is why there is such a need for air purifiers in most indoor environments.

2.  What do Air Purifiers clean?

Air purifiers attempt to eliminate or reduce a host of airborne contaminants. Here is a list of the most common elements that are found in the air of most homes, schools, and offices:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Animal Dander
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Dust Mites
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Chemicals
  • Germs

The sources of these pollutants are many. They include dust, people, animals, carpet, plywood, mattresses, furniture, cleaning products, aerosol, humidity, food, and insecticides.

3.  Benefits of Air Purifiers

Good air purifiers will generally make an immediate difference in the lives of most people. After using an air purifier, many people report sleeping better, having more energy, being more alert, being more creative, breathing better, and just feeling better overall.

4.  The Bottom Line

The indoor air pollution problem is clear and well defined, what about the solutions? The truth is that most Americans are very confused about what steps to take to protect their families and themselves from this very real problem.
There are so many companies offering so many different solutions — what is the truth?

Hopefully, we can answer those questions and help you get through this process. At the same time, we can offer you some good advice and insight into making an intelligent air purification decision for your home or business. The information below will help you continue your journey.

The Most powerful protection is Powered by Probiotics

New-Gen Biotics introduces the power of Environmental Probiotics into enclosed living and work spaces. Environmental Probiotics are comprised of a carefully cultured strain of probiotics called Bacillus Ferment and are designed to purify the air and hard surfaces through patented technology.

Billions of probiotics are intermittently released into the air and form a microflora on hard surfaces. The good bacteria consume organic irritants such as pollen, dust mite waste, and pet dander, and begins the process of de-constructing biofilms on harmful bacteria and dangerous viruses, on hard surfaces and shared objects.  New-Gen Biotics leverages the power of probiotics to replenish indoor spaces with beneficial bacteria to purify air and prolong the cleanliness of hard surfaces.

Use the world’s strongest environmental probiotics by NEW-GEN Biotics.


What makes New-Gen Biotics products different from other products?

New-Gen Biotics® is the innovator of the world’s strongest environmental probiotic air, surface and object purification systems. Pioneering a way to apply probiotics into the environment and using their natural intelligence to bring balance to indoor living and workplaces. Conventional purification and cleaning methods indiscriminately kill all bacteria – harmful and beneficial alike, causing an imbalanced, sterile environment in which pathogens have the capacity to mutate into resilient superbugs and dominate the environment. This type of biocide application actually leaves an ecological void that is an invitation to harmful bacteria to come back in and occupy that space. This is why many doctors tell us to not use anti-microbial soaps that kill the good bacteria with the bad.
Alternatively, New-Gen Biotics Environmental Probiotics compete for and deplete the food resources that allergens, pathogens and mold require in order to multiply and propagate, reducing their presence and help in the elimination and prevention of noxious odors due to microbial contamination.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are naturally occurring organisms found in nature and within your body and are defined as beneficial bacteria that within your body contribute to a person’s overall well being by controlling up to 80% of our immune system. A diverse microflora of bacteria within ones intestinal system is critical to a healthy immune system. They are commonly found in foods such as yogurts, fermented vegetables and are consumed daily as dietary supplements. Learn more about the benefits of probiotics at http://probiotics.org/benefits/ By clicking the link, you will be leaving New-Gen Biotics’s site and will be directed to a third party site where you will be subject to their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

How do New-Gen Biotics Environmental Probiotics work?

New-Gen Biotics patented technology repetitively releases microscopic sized Environmental Probiotics known as Bacillus Ferment. Billions of micron-sized probiotics form a protective layer of microflora which coat and shield surfaces and objects, resulting in a healthy microbiome. New-Gen Biotics Environmental Probiotics also deplete the resources that allergens, pathogens and mold thrive on creating an environment that is abundant in good bacteria and minimizes the pathogens resulting in an environment where your immune system is not overwhelmed by contact with pathogenic organisms.

Are New-Gen Biotics products safe for humans, pets and animals?

New-Gen Biotics (probiotics blend) have undergone and passed all the required safety tests in complete accordance with EPA standards at our labs and at certified 3rd party GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) labs. Due to their naturally occurring biological nature, all New-Gen Biotics products are safe for human, pet and animal contact. They are also environmentally friendly, 100% natural and organic and biodegradable. See our Perfect Pet line of Probiotics that will help your pets be healthier.

What are the optimal storage conditions for the New-Gen Biotics products?

Probiotics should be stored at room temperature and direct sunlight is to be avoided.

How do I know my NG 5000 is working?

The probiotic mist that is dispersed by the NG 5000 is microscopic so you cannot normally see it. When the the dispersion is activated you should feel and hear the high pressure pump cycling.

If I have an existing UV light purification system what effect will that have on the probiotics?

A UV light purification system may destroy some of the probiotics that get drawn into the UV light as it kills everything…. good bacteria and bad. Most probiotics will land on indoor surfaces and won’t be affected by the UV light purifier. In order to get the most out of your New-Gen Biotics purifier, DO NOT position it near the UV light purification system.

What does it mean if the light on the digital display is not on?

It does not means not is not working, the light on the digital display of the NG-5000 goes off to conserve energy.

How long does the probiotic refill last?

Your NG-5000 has been factory preset for the refill to last 6 months. The holding bottle has a capacity to add the environmental probiotics for up to 12 months. 

How do I know when to change the probiotic refill?

If you are enrolled in the autoship program of environmental probiotics refill, we will notify you of the shipment of your new refill. 

How do I change the Probiotic refill?

The NG 5000 can be opened with the key provided to expose the holding bottle.  Unscrew the holding bottle from the machine.  Rinse out with warm water and refill the bottle with the probiotic refill by pouring into the holding bottle.  Don’t grab the pick-up straw with a bare hand but use an alcohol wipe to prevent contamination of the probiotics while re-inserting the suction straw.  Then screw the bottle back into the machine and lock the cabinet door.

How do I order replacement probiotic cartridges?

You can contact directly your distributor or you can order them directly from our website at Orders@NewGenBiotics.com

What is the warranty on the NG -5000® and how do I make a warranty claim?

Your NG-5000® is warrantied to be free from defects in manufacturing for a period of one year or lifetime if you are enroll on auto refill program, see warranty for details. To be eligible for a return/refund or an exchange, you must contact us to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form. To obtain an RMA form please call our Customer Care team at 1 (877) 4-BIOTIC to speak with a representative, visit our website @ www.NewGenBiotics.com to chat with us, or you can email us directly at info@Newgenbiotics.com, which will start the process of returning your NG-5000 device directly to New-Gen Biotics, LLC and to receive a replacement unit or exchange your unit.  Please ensure that your item is in the same condition as you received it in. Please be sure to send it back in the original packaging with all the accessory parts properly packed. If the seal is broken on the probiotic refill bottle, you do not need to return it. If the original packaging is no longer available, please pack it in an appropriately sized box with protective bubble wrap to protect the device from any damage that may occur during the return shipment process.  You will be responsible for paying return shipping costs. Return shipping costs are non-refundable.

What is the life expectancy of the NG-5000?

With proper care the NG-5000 will last for many years of use. And if you are active on the Auto-ship refill program your NG 5000 is warranted for life.

Where do the probiotics come from?

The proprietary strains of probiotics that comprise our environmental probiotics are naturally occurring and are sourced from the soil and from plants and then cultured in an ISO 9001 certified laboratory located in USA to insure they are of the highest purity and safety.

How long does it take to feel the effects of the environmental reset?

Depending on the severity of the pathogenic infestation of the indoor environment, individuals begin to experience the positive effects of a rebalanced indoor environment in in approximately three to five weeks. You can’t rush nature.

Where should I place my NG-5000 for best effect?

We recommend placing the NG-5000 in your HVAC as that will circulate through the home in the air ducts. You may also place the NG 5000 in any room in the home because the probiotics will eventually circulate through the entire home. Do not place it near an open window as the incoming air can be filled with pathogens (pollen for example) negating the “safe zone” you are creating in the home. Conversely, if you are battling odors or a pet dander allergy for example, you should place the unit near the area the odor is emanating from or where the pets are located.

How long is NG 5000 warranty?

Our 1-year Limited warranty begins from the date of the original purchase and covers any defective product. If repair is not practical, New-Gen Biotics will replace the defective product with a fully warranted, factory-reconditioned product that is the same or has similar functionality with the exceptions stated below. Does not cover damage caused by misuse or when used other than as intended. The warranty does not cover loss or damage to removable parts. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other legal rights that vary from state to state. Please register your NG-5000 at www.NewGenBiotics.com.

What are New-Gen Biotics's Environmental Probiotics and where do they come from?

New-Gen Biotics’s Environmental Probiotics are a proprietary blend of multiple strains of naturally occurring probiotics (found in the soil and on plants) that are cultured (grown in a natural nutrient substance) under ISO 9001 certified laboratory conditions and then suspended in water. They convert to the spore (hibernation) form when denied air and nutrients. Once diffused into the air they come to rest upon surfaces and penetrate objects where they germinate into living organisms (air and nutrients are available) and begin to consume organic allergens and all the food sources required by the pathogenic bacteria in order to multiply and propagate.

Why is the New Gen Biotics NG 5000 more than just another air cleaner?

Conventional air cleaners either filter contaminants from the air that passes through them (the amount of air they can handle is a limiting factor on their effectiveness) or apply a scorched earth kill technology such as UV lights, Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) or ozone generation to kill all bacteria that are exposed to it indiscriminately both bad and good. The biggest limiting factor of these systems is that they treat the air alone. However, in order to have clean air you need to have clean surfaces and objects. All a containment that is present on a surface or within an object needs to pollute the air is to become airborne thru the wave of a hand across a table or the step of a foot upon a carpet…..bacteria and germs are microscopic in size so any air movement can launch them into the airways making them available for human inhalation. This is where the NG 5000 is different. We purify the air, surfaces and objects within an indoor environment by restricting the growth of bad bacteria and replace it with New-Gen Biotics Environmental probiotics that reset and repopulate the indoor environment to mimic the outdoors where contaminants are naturally limited.

Why are most conventional cleaning methods detrimental to humans and the indoor environment?

Most conventional cleaning methods, especially antimicrobial and antibacterial cleaners kill 99% of the bacteria or microbes on a surface, but since there are trillions of them there are still many survivors. The survivors tend to be the resistant or super bugs that then are able to take over this environmental wasteland created by the scorched earth cleaning agent where they grow and multiply into concentrations that can overwhelm our immune systems when transmitted to our bodies. Rule of thumb is that bacteria counts double every twenty minutes so a single resistant bacteria left after cleaning can multiply into two trillion in twenty-four hours.

This is where New-Gen Biotics is different. New-Gen Biotics Environmental Biotics repopulate the environment with probiotics consuming the food sources that all bacteria require resetting the indoor ecology to be healthier for our bodies. 

What are New-Gen Biotics Commercial Applications?

New-Gen Biotics offers solutions for resetting and rebalancing any size indoor environmental space by harnessing the power of probiotics. New-Gen Biotics offers all-natural, organic, chemical free solutions, to create healthier indoor living and work spaces.
New-Gen Biotics probiotics are the safest, most natural way to achieve a superior indoor air environment mimicking the natural ecological balance found outdoors.
Offices: A working adult touches as many as 30 contaminated objects a day in the workspace. These objects may be contaminated with disease causing bacteria. You may think your toilet is more contaminated than a keyboard and mouse, but think again. Protect your office space with New-Gen Biotics probiotics by penetrating the hard to reach areas you work with every day. Hospitality: 57% of travelers changed their hotel room because it was too dirty. 75% of traveler’s first concern is their room’s bedspread. Travelers come and go, but bacteria remain after thousands of hands transfer and relocate germs. New-Gen Biotics provides your guest a cleaner, healthier and safer environment.
Schools and Daycare: 78% of students report that cleanliness has an impact on their health. Cleanliness ranked as the fourth most important building element to impact the students’ personal learning. New-Gen Biotics reduces the amount of allergens within the learning space resulting in better indoor air quality while reducing the potential for the transmission of infectious diseases resulting in a healthier and cleaner environment for students and faculty members. A healthy school is a successful school!
Marine Industry: Sick Building Syndrome, which affects about 30% of new and remodeled building, is also known to have an effect in the marine industry, commonly known as Sick Yacht Syndrome. A dark, damp atmosphere with wide temperature variances can contribute to poor air quality in your boat. New-Gen Biotics probiotics help reduce foul, musty, mildew odor and improve air quality, by nourishing your yacht space with billions of beneficial probiotics and reduce the onset of Sick Yacht Syndrome.
Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers: 1.7 Million Health Facility Acquired Infections occur in the U.S. each year, resulting in 99,000 deaths and an estimated $20 billion in unnecessary healthcare costs. Did you know that probiotics are the most effective solution in breaking down biofilm harboring antibiotic-resistant organisms? Conventional cleaning and purification methods inadequately clean and disinfect medical facilities which is one of the leading causes of Health Facility Acquired Infections. Gyms & Health Clubs: How Can People Avoid Sharing Pathogens During Their Gym Visits? Impossible (unless all body parts are covered and shielded). Members are breathing the same air and sharing equipment – treadmills, weights, yoga mats and locker rooms. Carpets, towels and sportswear are the most favorable home for dust mites, pet dander, allergens and harmful bacteria to grow and emit bad odor.
Commercial Product Inquiries Please call us at 877-4-Biotics, or email us at Info@NewGenBiotics.com to receive more information on New-Gen Biotics custom crafted commercial solutions.
Also check out our Travel sprays and our New-Gen Mini for all your “On the Go” needs. They are perfect for Airline Travel or just going to the grocery store.

This is where New-Gen Biotics is different. New-Gen Biotics Environmental-Biotics repopulate the environment with probiotics consuming the food sources that all bacteria require resetting the indoor ecology to be healthier for our bodies. 

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a productive matrix, a cover, like a housing, in a sense, in which large colonies of microbes are embedded. Biofilms are not just a place to hide dirt, viruses, pathogens and other contaminants, but it is a slimey matrix that is one of the key weapons micro-organisms use to defeat the immune system, antibiotic drugs and other threats.

Are New~Gen Biotics disinfectants?

A disinfectant by definition destroys bacteria. New~Gen Biotics provides the benefits that disinfectants provide with an additional protection over three days.

Do I keep disinfecting when using New~Gen Biotics?

For any day to day cleaning, you can use New~Gen Biotics Products, but for Specialized medical circumstances where complete sterilization is still required, a disinfectant can be used prior to using New~Gen Biotics.  First apply the disinfectant and wait until it is dry, then you can treat the area with New~Gen Biotics for prolonged protection.