New~Gen Travel Mist 7.08 oz

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7.08 oz bottle of New~Gen Biotics Mist

1 review for New~Gen Travel Mist 7.08 oz

  1. Georgina Wenick

    I loved my mini mist for the first month, carrying it with me for use whenever I encountered mold or mildew in my environment or wildfire smoke which was bad this year. During a month of toxic air I only had one asthma attack and I attribute this to avoiding outside air and using my mini mist. But then it started leaking. The first time it leaked in my bag and I thought it was a fluke, but I carefully refilled it and made sure the cap was pushed in completely and it all leaked out again. Now it has to sit on a flat counter upside down or all the probiotics leak out, so it defeats the purpose and makes it useless for traveling. The only use it has now is to be able to take an inhale on demand if needed, but we have the household system so it’s really unnecessary. The household unit and the probiotics themselves work fantastically, we have been very impressed.

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